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Copying 抄寫 




film 33’ 58”


“The action of copying is meaningless.”


The audio is captured from TV, an unreleased audio from Shin Hae Chul (1968-2014), a pioneer of Korean experimental rock music, reading a fiction he wrote about his father, his child and himself. 


In the film, the artist duplicated the text of the audio by copying the caption while listening to the audio. She is writing in a language that she does not understand and so the content is no more important to her. 


The sound is unneutral and mechanical due to several convert and extract, echos the flux moving images.


Everything in the film is separate, three videos and the audio, they are all in different lengths. 33mins and 58secs is the duration of copying. As time goes by, different text meet different voice and images, forming a new picture.


Voice, tone, flow. Gesture, speed, pause. What connects him, her and audience is the emotion.